Jim Barbour

After 10 years as a medical photographer and 35 years as a freelance corporate & family photographer, I have turned my continuing career focus to creating photographic digital art.  I have had the opportunity to travel around the world as a photographer and am always looking for images with strong colors, textures & essences of places.

Taking the pictures is only 1/2 of the art of photography, working on these images "digitally" in Lightroom and Photoshop creates my own unique style and art. I love to blend textures, mix multiple images and add strong colors into my work.  Digital art today is changing the way we think of photography - it is a whole new media. Prints can be made on almost any substance, for example watercolor paper, canvas, wood or metal. Large images or a group of smaller images can really change the look and feel of a home or office. In our home we love to change all the artwork seasonally bringing a totally new look and feel to our home.

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