August Botanical Gardens

Around 1985 I bought a Nikon 500 mm Mirrored Lens. I thought it would be great for street photography of people but found it to large and heavy to hand hold so it when into storage. I recently came across it and thought I would give it another try. I could only get it to go on one of the early Nikon Digital cameras - a D90. I think this camera came out about 2004 or so. The lens does not connect with any of the electronic controls found in a digital camera so I need to focus manually and find and set the exposure manually. The f stop is fixed at f8 so I can adjust the shutter speed and ISO to get the right exposure.  Again because of it's size I use a tripod. What I really love about the lens is it's narrow depth of field. To get these pictures I needed to be between 10 and 15 yards from the flowers. This is close to the len's minimum focusing distance. I love how it softens the background just an inch or so behind my subject. It also at times make slight rings around out of focus highlights from the internal mirror. It's a wonderful find and I hope to explore many more subjects with it.

Combining Images

I love having my iPhone always available to explore and capture the colors, textures, details and content of our travels. Over a cup of coffee later in the day or after the trip, I use the iPhone app "Instavideoframe" to combine 2 to 5 images into one block. I use the composites on Facebook as well as to create small 7"x7" books by "blurb" at the end of each year as a travel log.